Saturday, January 26, 2019

Friday Night TMAU, PATM, Body Odor Interview #2

Friday night Podcasts

I want to interview TMAU, PATM, or Fecal Body Odor sufferers.


So I just want to alert people about trying to do interviews on this channel.Maybe I shouldn't really call it interviews, but I want you to tell your life story about how you got this disorder and how you are coping at the moment"

Interview on PATM

Our skin is very moist. Since one of the skin's "job" is to expel toxins and impurities from the body, these toxins are released through the moisture/perspiration of the skin. With exercise, there is a great deal of perspiration, so the toxins are expelled from the body. However, if you still have alot more toxins inside your body, you need to help the skin continue to get it all out with more exercise and/or sauna, and then wash it away with a bath/shower.

In addition, it's essential to identify the source of the toxin buildup. What causes your body to have these odorous toxins? It's just as important to help your cleansing organs expel these toxins(skin thru perspiration, lungs through the breath, kidneys by drinking plenty of fluids) as it is to stop the source of these toxins to begin with.

Do they smell me or not?


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